How To Protect Your Energy

Learn how to protect your energy from negativity all present in our everyday lives. 3 methods +1 bonus tip on how to build more resilience to negative energy

Do you find it difficult to protect your energy from negativity? You often get into quarrels and you end up involved in superficialities that serve you no good. After a while, you can’t even remember what it was all about and why you got involved. But you still can’t resist getting engaged.

You may think that it’s difficult to let go of the drama. The modern world we live in with its fast-paced rhythm, makes people oftentimes burn out, tired, grumpy, and unable to see further from their noses. Failing to deal with the problems in a productive way, it’s not uncommon to unleash dissatisfaction on others. Although, you don’t have any control over other people’s behavior. You can change things up internally. There’s something you can do, not to get affected.

For the sake of understanding I’ll use a fishing analogy. 

When a fisherman hunts a fish, he needs to set 3 things right:

  • Match the lure to the watercolour
  • Make sure the lure is attractive to the fish
  • Make sure the lure is swimming in a lifelike manner

When the fish bites the lure, he can’t just pull the rod out as hard as he can, because the line will break and the fish will get away. Instead, he needs to loosen the line bit by bit, allowing the fish to drag it.

Fish may get the illusion of getting free. But that’s not what’s happening. The pulling is making the fish tired and unable to twitch and break free. 

When the fish gets tired of pulling, the fisherman starts dragging the fish outside of the water. In that manner, the line is always moving, the fish is always pulling and there isn’t a breaking point. For a fisherman, only a certain catch.

Getting involved in drama it’s like this, it’s a set trap. The only way to avoid it – is not to fall for bait in the first place. 

Even with the best intention to protect your energy from negativity, it’s inevitable for the stress to build up over time, however, there are 3 things you can do to get the most out of every s

1.Don’t respond to provocations or arrogance.

You can’t change how someone behaves, what they think about you. But you can choose how you react to it. 

Although it’s sometimes difficult to withhold the answer. Don’t fall for it.

This type of behavior feeds itself on the reaction from others. Once a reaction is omitted you take its power, and it ceases to exist.

2. Don’t get affected by someone else’s behaviour. 

What others say about you or react to you, is just how you relate to what they are going through in their own lives. 

When people are arrogant and mean that has nothing to do with you. 

And while it might frustrate you, if you respond in the same manner you will only stoop to their level. Sometimes it might be difficult for you not to react. Think of it as a worm on a hook. You know what’s gonna happen if you bite.

3.Sometimes to win is not to play the game

Sometimes you’ll have to prove your point. Hold to your principles to protect your interest. That’s fine. But oftentimes there’s a situation where the best thing is not to get involved. For example, it’s best to avoid discussions about politics, religion, global warming, and sports events altogether. There’s a chance that folks who bring these things up are enjoying heated arguments and aren’t usually willing to accept that there’s a different point of view than their own.

Do what you believe is good for you!

You should also avoid justifying yourself to others. if you believe that something is right for you. If you are changing your life for the better, don’t let anybody stop you. Not everybody is going to support you. You don’t owe an explanation to anybody. It’s your life. If somebody isn’t ok with it, leave it be. That’s fine.

Conclusion plus bonus tip:

One more thing to be careful of is the drama and negativity that’s happening online. Although it seems that we should react to anything that’s going on. Share it on social media, share our opinions, and call somebody out. If you are not careful, you will be stressed even more. If you read the news or react to mass media hysteria on a daily basis. It’s even worse than engaging in unnecessary quarrels. It’s like carrying negativity in your pocket since you have your smartphone at all times with you.

What you see and hear might affect you in a bad way. That’s because its intention is to provoke. If you engage with that content as soon as you wake up and again later before going to bed. It affects your day and determines how you feel. So if you feel overwhelmed with negativity and you can’t detect where its source is. This might be your problem. If it is, you are lucky because you can solve it right away. You stop doing it.

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