Why is music important (3 odd reasons)

Why is music important, how music affect us, what we can get from music. Learn how to enjoy music more deeply, and how to see it with fresh eyes

The creation of sound is something that we have been doing since the early days of civilization. We made rhythms and melodies with an intent or through interaction with nature. Dancing, singing, playing an instrument or clapping hands. With that being said. Why is music important?

It’s no wonder, there are many benefits like:

It boosts your mood, your creativity, it simply makes you feel better. And it gives you the possibility to express yourself, in the unique manner.


Without further ado, check out why is music important for you.


1.Listening to music makes you more present

You can listen to it attentively or the music can accompany some of your activities. The important thing is, that music can help you be present.

The music functions like this. A sound wave travels through the air, as a signal when it reaches your brain, that’s the point where the music gets to mean something. It evokes an emotion in you, making you feel a certain way, happy, sad, angry, or irritated.

Music doesn’t exist in the past, nor in the future. Each moment sounds arise and they fade out. You can only hear it in the present moment. It’s the same as focusing on the breath you breathe in and out. It’s always happening here and now.

2.Dancing to music promotes mental clarity

You don’t need to go out to dance. You can do it in your room.
While dancing is a social bonding activity it can also be a practice for mental clarity.

Expressing yourself in a creative way is healthy. Since there is a connection between body and mind, you can interpret the music you hear as body movement. The benefit is that it forces you to be present in order to follow the beat. You cannot go in front of the beat, you cannot go behind it.

After a while, it’s likely that you’ll fall into a flow state in which you move in complete harmony with the music.
The end result of this practice is – you’ll be more integrated, having more of a body and mind connection. It’s well known that there’s a connection between movement and feelings – more you move the better you feel.

Why is music important

3.Singing along with music relieves stress.


There is solid proof that singing increases your mood. Singing increases the level of oxygen in the blood, which leads to endorphin release. It makes you feel more energized and uplifted it also forces you to breathe more deeply.

Deep breaths are the oldest trick in the book for relieving stress.


Why is music important?

The thing is we tend to overlook the benefits of music because it’s present everywhere, from malls, and hairdressers to gyms. So we stop paying attention to it. Or even see it as something more than background noise. Even when we listen to music, we don’t hear it.

So I encourage you to try to look at it with fresh eyes. And if you still think that music isn’t at all that special, imagine for a moment that it’s only available on special occasions like it was in former times. So you need to wait for that particular occasion to hear any kind of music at all. Or think about what the world without music would be – pretty awful, right? 

You can choose any type of music, it may be good, or bad, who cares? It’s important that it makes you feel better. There aren’t any rules, nothing you should be mindful of (except not to piss off people near you with excessive volume) – other than that, enjoy!

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